Beard Trimming Apron

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Time is money, and better grooming gets you laid more.

Groom fast and easy, and keep your bathroom clean - with minimal effort.

There's a time and place for DGAF attitude, but girls care about clean bathrooms. Pretend you care, until she's cleaning your bathroom for you. Then you can stop caring.

In the meantime, girls won't care if they find an extra earring or whatever in your bathroom. It might even hep you. They WILL care if you have a disgusting bathroom with whiskers and dried shaving cream all over the place. They just aren't into that and you don't score DGAF points by being a slob.




120x80cm Man Bathroom Apron Black Beard Apron Hair Shave Apron for Man Waterproof Floral Cloth Household Cleaning Protecter


Model Number: Bathroom Beard Care Shave Apron
Brand Name: LIOPEAN
Style: Brief
Type: Bib
Use: Sanitary
Classification: Sleeveless Apron
Material: Non-woven Fabric
Material: Cloth
size: 120x80cm
quality: high
Occasion: bathroom
Feature: Waterproof Beard Care Shave Apron
Feather 1: avental,tablier,delantal
Application: Hotels, restaurants,Home use
Feature 2: beard apron
Feather 3: Shave apron
Feather 4: beard bib